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I enjoy quite a few hobbies, including photography. Some pictures are here.

I have a camera on my pond. Username: pond, password SeeTheFish

Some older pictures are here.

Free and Open Source Software

I am a big fan of Open Source Software; I use Linux almost exclusively at home and at work. It isn't just the cost; the free stuff tends to just work better, and can be fixed when something goes wrong.

Most of OSS software works about the same whether you have Windows, a Mac, or Linux, so you can take your experience with you.

David A. Wheeler has an interesting essay on Why Open Source Software?

Software I use and recommend

I spend a lot of time cleaning up friends' Windows boxes. Those I can wean away from Internet Explorer and Outlook, and who run the anti-spyware software correctly (Take the Updates!), are much happier users.

Setting up Debian

While Linux is very stable and easy to use day-to-day, sometimes setup can be a little tricky. Here are some configuration tips for various systems:

Product Stories

Personal experiences and recommendations about various services and hardware products.

Informative links:

Fun links:

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Perhaps you were looking for the other Rob Sims - the Fitness Fashion Photographer. More info here. Strangely enough we share an interest in photography, and even a common acquaintance - a friend of mine who bumped into him at JFK airport a few years ago. He apparently also likes travel and cigars.

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