The product

  • iPod Nano and iTunes 7.4

The Bad

  • iTunes is extremely slow, often requiring tens of seconds to give any indication that an operation has begun. This is especially annoying at startup, where there is no indication that anything is happening for over a minute.
  • iTunes crashes on exit about 1/3 of the time.
  • Attempting to sync too much data indicates how much free space vs. required, but songs have no indication of size! One must de-select tracks one-by-one until the (slow) space calculation succeeds.
  • Every iTunes upgrade (which is offered frequently) breaks the quicklaunch link, which must be manually regenerated to work.
  • iPod crashes at disconnect about 2/3 of the time; roughly correlated to iTunes exit success.
  • After playing a podcast, the iPod drops back to silence at the main menu. There is no way to automatically "thread" podcasts. Playing all, oldest to newest, would be nice.
  • The clickwheel is too sensitive to sliding when attempting to click, and the sensitivity is not adjustable.
  • Adjusting stream position is awkward. First, the center button is held for several seconds. There is NO indication when you've held the button long enough. If you've held the button long enough, a stream position indicator will appear AFTER releasing the button.
  • The iPod often indicates "Do not disconnect" even when it's safe to do so (is not mounted on host at all; known because host is running Linux at the time).

The Good

  • The iPod Nano (2nd gen? - the tall one) has a very nice form factor.
  • The iPod Nano feels solid despite the small form factor.