The products

  • HP iPaq 6315
  • MDA (HTC Wizard)

The Bad

  • Customer support will close trouble tickets without resolving the problem. I had an issue with data connectivity for 14 MONTHS that was continually dropped, even after the problem was diagnosed to be down-level firmware in their Cisco routers.
  • Even when there's an open trouble ticket at a higher level, you must still wade through the basic support to talk to someone capable of addressing a complex issue.

The Good

  • Most customer support agents are friendly and speak English.
  • A significant percentage of support people are helpful.
  • Great plans, and changing one part of a plan doesn't mean giving up a deal for another part; for example - getting a better deal on minutes doesn't mean changing away from the data plan that's no longer offered.
  • The MDA is a really slick device. There's plenty of info on Google, or come back here soon for more info.
  • Many of the phones are "international" phones that also work in Europe and Australia, among other places. It takes a call to turn on this functionality, but no extra charge except for minutes used (which is quite high per minute, but lower than Cingular, who also charges a monthly fee for the ability).